At a time when companies do more of their own recruiting and qualified candidates seem plentiful, client companies call on John J. Davis & Associates when risks are high, time frames tight, business issues complex and confidentiality an imperative. These search assignments are often precipitated by mergers, acquisitions, globalization, outsourcing, technology change, the need to upgrade current management or all of the above. A focused search identifies and engages the best professionals, most of whom never become ‘active’ in the job market. Client organizations call on our firm when the skill requirements are far from routine. We are tasked with finding rare talent for unique challenges. Over the years, most of the firm’s assignments have been for newly-created positions for which there is no history and no incumbent. Here, we work with the client in shaping the role and clearly articulating the challenges against anticipated business demands.

John J. Davis & Associates serves two communities. We work with user companies to find CIO and sub-CIO level executives. We work with technology firms to find leaders in any functional area (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, etc.). All engagements are for mid-level and senior-level management leaders.

Fees and payment schedules are based on the nature and scope of the assignment. All engagements are conducted by firm principals. All successful searches are guaranteed for one year from start date.

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